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About UTokyo Forum

To promote academic and student exchange and introduce the latest research activities at UTokyo, the UTokyo Forum is held in close partnership with globally renowned academic institutions around the world. It is held approximately biennially, each year focusing on particular themes which are approached in a multidisciplinary manner. It has been a great opportunity for faculty, and students; having face to face discussions with people of partner institutions.

Greetings from the President of the University of Tokyo

UTokyo President Junichi Hamada
Junichi Hamada
The University of Tokyo

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the generous support and efforts of everyone involved in making it possible to hold the UTokyo Forum 2013 in Chile with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad de Chile, and in Brazil with Universidade de São Paulo.

UTokyo Forum is one of our major university-wide events and has the aim of showing the outcome of the research carried out in our University to the world, and to advance the research and student exchanges taking place with leading, international universities and research institutions. The theme for this ninth outing is “Global Emergence of Frontier Knowledge”.

One activity needing mentioning is the School of Science’s TAO Project taking place at Atacama in Chile. When the opening ceremony for the 1.0m infrared telescope on Mt. Chajnantor in Atacama took place in Santiago back in 2010, we received a message of congratulation from President Piñera and distinguished guests from both Chile and Japan attended the event as proof of the excellent relations between our two countries. This facility takes advantage of the high altitude environment allowing diverse research such as that into births of stars to take place. We also have great expectations for the new 6.5m infrared telescope currently being constructed. Additionally, researchers in fields of seismology, science, engineering, agriculture as well as humanities and sociology will gather together to discuss a wide variety of topics.

The need for talents in science and technology has increased with the socio-economic expansion in Brazil. In response, the Brazilian government has established a funding program which will allow about 100,000 students of science and technology to study abroad. UTokyo is receiving students in the fields of oceanography and shipbuilding and have set up industrial internships. As such, a lot of workshops in science and technology have been planned. Also, a highly interesting workshop in humanities and sociology has been planned, being in a country with the world’s largest Japanese community.

Lectures, seminars, and topic based workshops have been organized and around 150 faculties, researchers, students and administrative staff from UTokyo will take part, together with 100 from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad de Chile, and 100 from Universidade de São Paulo.

Study fairs and presentations on support schemes for bilateral research will also take place with support from the Japanese Embassy, JASSO, JSPS, CONICYT and FAPESP, an opportunity for students and researchers interested in studying/researching at UTokyo and other Japanese universities and institutes. I believe that the exchanges between UTokyo and Chile as well as Brazil will expand further taking this event as a catalyst.

I look forward to meeting you all at the event.

Greetings from UCatólica Greetings from UChile Greetings from USP

Greetings from the President of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

UCatólica Rector Ignacio Sánchez
Ignacio Sánchez D.
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

With joy and great enthusiasm the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile welcomes 2013 UTokyo Forum, an opportunity for faculty and students to share the knowledge developed in the diverse fields at the University of Tokyo.

Under the name of “Global Emergence of Frontier Knowledge” Latin American researchers, professors and students will have the chance to review the newest advances of investigations held during the last years at the University of Tokyo, which has established alliances with the most important study centers around the world.

In the P. Universidad Católica we see UTokyo Forum as a bridge to knowledge, because it is an excellent opportunity to interact with the best researchers and thus improve the well being of individuals and promote the development of our countries.

Research within P. Universidad Católica is the result of the hard work led by academics of excellence –along with pre and post graduate students. Throughout their careers, these professors have not only dedicated their time to teaching but also to further developing their work fields. The results of their investigations have been taught in our classrooms because for our university research and teaching are inseparable. Based on this belief we motivate our students in the creation of new knowledge.

Since its foundation, the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile has contributed in the formation of thousands of new PhDs. During the last decades research activity has grown steadily and today it is an important part of our professors agenda. While acknowledging the achievements made, one of the pending challenges on the 125th anniversary of our University is to increase the amount and quality of our research and to transfer it to our society.

Undoubtedly the UTokyo Forum 2013 will be a motivating and challenging opportunity for academics, researchers and students wishing to contribute and share their skills through a face to face exchange experience promoted by the University of Tokyo.

Greetings from the President of Universidad de Chile

UChile Rector Víctor L. Pérez Vera
Víctor L. Pérez Vera
Universidad de Chile

It is a great honor for the University of Chile to give a special and warm welcome to the 2013 UTokyo Forum, a global biannual event that is gathering among the best from the Scientists and Researchers Communities of Chile, Brazil and Japan.

The University of Chile is the leading Chilean institution in scientific and technological research. Our University is responsible for a third of the scientific publications and also of the implementation of a high percentage of the competitive research projects in most academic fields, including basic sciences, technologies, humanities, social sciences and arts.

The University of Chile is open to the world. More than half of our papers and co-authorships consider international collaboration of people from around the world. In order to preserve our traditional contribution to our country and benefit more people in a long term , we sustain and promote our national and international strategic alliances with renowned academic institutions, study centers and centers of excellence in different countries.

“Global Emergence of frontier Knowledge” will be an opportunity to share, learn, exchange and expand the newest trends, experiences and issues of advanced research in many fields, not just for Chilean, Brazilian and Japanese participants. The UTokyo Forum is leading and promoting new linkages to create global knowledge and future pathways for the Asia Pacific region.

Global knowledge will broad any borders, because this kind of multidisciplinary event is not just between academic institutions, it is about the encounter of open societies, strengthening in any sense, the global community. Knowledge is alive and diverse; each time it is shared, it is creating future and new potential emerges.

Researchers, professors, graduates and students will have the possibility to choose, according to their own interests, the proper space where they will expand their networks, posing new questions and sharing a part of their experiences in the field. The Universidad de Chile acknowledges that the frontiers of multidisciplinary sciences can be expanded through the classrooms, laboratories, research centers and also motivating international meetings such as the University of Tokyo Forum.

Greetings from the President of Universidade de São Paulo

USP Rector João Grandino Rodas
João Grandino Rodas
Universidade de São Paulo

With the advent of the new millennium, the University of Tokyo began to seek narrow relationships with strategic academic partners, higher education and research leading institutions in their countries and regions, located in the United States, Asia (Singapore, Korea and China) and Europe (Sweden, the United Kingdom and France). In its ninth edition this year, for the first time in the South Hemisphere, such an important scientific and cultural event as the UTokyo Forum will be held in universities in Chile and Brazil.

It is with great joy, immense honor and responsibility that Universidade de São Paulo (USP) hosts UTokyo Forum in Brazil. The Forum itself tightens the bonds between Brazil, specially the state of São Paulo, and Japan. The Japanese presence in Brazil started in 1908, with the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants in São Paulo, after a 52-day trip from Kobe to Santos in the ship named Kasato Maru. Since then, the Japanese presence in our state is vigorous, and countless traces of this presence are inserted and fixed in this huge cultural mix that is the state of São Paulo, and most particularly, its capital.

Universidade de São Paulo, created in 1934 – just 26 years after the first Japanese immigrants’ arrival – has counted on the presence of students with Japanese ancestry since day one. Nowadays, the percentage of USP professors and students that are children (nissei), grandchildren (sansei) or great-grandchildren (yonsei) of the first immigrants is significant; and higher than the proportion of Japanese descendants in the state population. We can affirm, undoubtedly, that Universidade de São Paulo owns part of its vigor to the serious work of so many of these that were able to become Brazilians without losing their bonds with Japan and its ancestral culture.

UTokyo Forum happens in a very special moment for Universidade de São Paulo. While Brazil is setting itself as a key country in the world scenario, USP, an international institution since its foundation, has defined itself as a world class university, leader in Brazil and Latin America. As such, USP intends to be closer to other world top universities, and UTokyo Forum will strengthen the existing relationships among them and will develop further creative and innovative interactions.

Finally, I would like to truly welcome all participants, either from Japan or Brazil. We are convinced that the forum will contribute to deepen not only the relationships between our institutions, but also our countries’, in a long lasting manner.