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11 November, 2013
Universidade de São Paulo

Event Information

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November 11 (Mon.), 2013 14:30 - 18:00


Auditorium-S28, Civ Eng. Bldg., Escola Politécnica, Universidade de São Paulo



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Infectious diseases represent one of the world's major public health problems in the world, and their control requires new knowledge, technologies, products, processes and strategies. Some approaches to reach these goals are to develop research in pathogenesis and epidemiology; to consolidate biotech platforms focused on developing vaccines, drugs/medicines and diagnostic tests; to develop qualified human resources areas of expertise; and to transfer knowledge that can contribute to the control of infected diseases to society and the corporate sector. UTokyo Forum 2013 aims to consolidate a network between USP and the University of Tokyo for same Neglected Diseases, enabling an effective integration of research groups from both Universities around a theme of high social and economic relevance.


*Order of program to be confirmed

14:30-15:30 Discovery of Trypanocial Agents Employing Biocalorimetry and Computer Aided Molecular Design: Carlos A. Montanari
Diversity of Michrondrial Repiratory Chain: As a Drug Target: Kiyoshi Kita
Structure-based Drug Design Using Chemical Compound Andpeptide: Osamu Nureki
HIV-infection: Asian Aspect: Aikichi Iwamoto
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-18:00 Use of Nanostructured Compounds for the Treatment of Infectious Diseases: Paulo Cotrim, Marina Ishii, Anil Kumar Singh, Marco Antôno Stephano, Nadia Araci Bou Chacra
Role of *Helicobacter pylori* in Gastric Cacinogenesis: Masanori Hatakeyama
New Approaches for Clinical Diagnosis of Chagas Disease: Ester Cerdeira Sabino, Maria Aparecida S. Yasuda
Neurosciences: Suely Kazue N. Marie
Photodynamic Therapy: Maurício da Silva Baptista
Structural Biology: Roberto Kopke Salinas


Masanori Hatakeyama Professor, UTokyo
Aikichi Iwamoto Professor, UTokyo
Kiyoshi Kita Professor, UTokyo
Osamu Nureki Professor, UTokyo
Maurício da Silva Baptista Professor, IQ/USP
Nadia Araci Bou Chacra Professor, FCF/USP
Paulo Cotrim Professor, IMT/USP
Marina Ishii Professor, FCF/USP
Suely Kazue N. Marie Professor, FM/USP
Carlos A. Montanari Professor, IQSC/USP
Ester Cerdeira Sabino Professor, FM/USP
Roberto Kopke Salinas Professor
Anil Kumar Singh Professor, FCF/USP
Marco Antôno Stephano Professor, FCF/USP
Maria Aparecida S. Yasuda Professor, FM/USP