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Studies on Japanese Language

12 November, 2013
Universidade de São Paulo

Event Information

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November 12 (Tue.) 9:00-12:00


Auditorium ET-3, Naval Engineering Building, Escola Politécnica, Universidade de São Paulo



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Online registration in website of Serviço de Cultura e Extensão of FFLCH-USP at adress http://sce.fflch.usp.br/node/1591 (from November 1st)


Although it is arguable that the so-called modernization of Japan started on Meiji period – in fact, the process had begun before, in the last decades of the Tokugawa dynasty – it is at this time that take shape the various measures that have led the country to a great transformation that, in turn, approached to the Western European model of State.

It were not different with intellectual and cultural manifestations, because Japan sought inspiration and forms of expression on the other side of the world, without, however, ignoring all accumulated production for centuries on its soil.

The Meiji period can be considered the beginning of the real civilizational and cultural exchange between Japan and Western countries, and is one of the periods which has drawn attention of many researchers again.

In Japanese language studies, the Meiji period is emblematic for having processed the ‘blending’ of traditional studies with contributions of linguistic ideas introduced from Europe. It is also one of the periods in which several academic institutions and specialized scientific disciplines formed, among which the Japanese Linguistics under the name of Kokugogaku. It is in this context that numerous and varied studies on Japanese language were made, in the form of grammars, dictionaries and other academic and scientific publications.

In this session, Professor Masahiro Ijima, from University of Tokyo, will talk about an overview of the Japanese grammar in Modern Era, and also will speak about the some problems appeared in research process of the history of Japanese language. The researchers of Universidade de São Paulo, Tashiro-Perez, Ota and Matsubara-Morales will be responsible for the lecture themed "Japanese Language and Studies on Grammar in Meiji Period". It is an attempt of interpretation and presentation the ideas about Japanese morphology and syntax of the Meiji period grammarians, among them Yoshio Yamada and Shinkichi Hashimoto. The purpose of the session is to give rise to discussions about the feasibility of studying, in Brazil, the history of the Japanese language or history of Japanese grammar of a period chronologically distant from the present and, at the same time, ways to identify current ideas in linguistic studies of the past.


Prof. Masahiro IJIMA "Research on History of Japanese Grammar in Modern and Contemporary Era - Overview and Problems"
Junko OTA,
"Japanese Language and Studies on Grammar in Meiji Period"


Masahiro IJIMA Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, UTokyo
Eliza TASHIRO PEREZ Assistant Professor, Universidade de São Paulo
Junko OTA Assistant Professor, Universidade de São Paulo
Leiko MATSUBARA MORALES Assistant Professor, Universidade de São Paulo


The presentation and discussion will be in Japanese. But if it is necessary, the staff of USP will do the consecutive translation to Portuguese.