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Technology and Instrumentation in Astronomy

7 November, 2013
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Event Information

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November 7 (Thu.) 11:00-18:00


Assembley Hall, Faculty of Economical Sciences and Management, Campus San Joaquín, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile



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Chile is now one of the center of astronomy from optical to radio wavelength, where nearly half of the giant telescopes over the world are located. The University of Tokyo is also operating a 1m telescope on the summit of Co. Chajnantor in Atacama, at the world's highest altitude of 5640m, and have started construction of a 6.5m infrared telescope, called TAO project. However, activities of developing astronomical instruments and related technologies in Chile have a relatively short history, and the intercommunication with Japanese community is still limited.
Through this workshop, we expect to expand the interaction between Chile and Japan in instrumentation, and hope it will lead to collaboration of future projects.


11:00-12:30 Session 1: Introduction
1) Opening Remarks/Astronomical Instrumentation at the University of Tokyo : K. Motohara (15min)
2) Astronomy and Astronomical Instrumentation in Chile : TBD (from CONICYT) (15min)
3) Astronomical Instrumentation at the AIUC : L. Vanzi (15min)
Session 2 : Optical/IR Instrumentation
4) TAO Project and its Instrumentation : K. Motohara (20min)
5) The Center of Astro Engineering at U.Católica : L. Infante (20min)
14:00-16:00 Session 2:
6) NIR instrumentation at U. Catolica : S. Koshida (20min)
7) Near-infrared High-resolution Spectroscopy for Astronomy : N. Kobayashi (20min)
8) Immersion grating for high-resolution astronomical spectroscopy : Y. Ikeda (20min)
9) MEMS Technology for Optical Applications including Astronomical Instrument : Prof. H. Toshiyoshi (20min)
10) AO : A. Guesalaga (20min)
11) MIR instrumentation technologies : T. Miyata (20min)
16:30-17:30 Session 3: High-Energy Astronomy
12) X-ray Astronomy at University of Tokyo : Dr. H. Noda (20min)
Session 4: Radio Astronomy
13) Radio astronomical receivers at University of Chile: From front to back ends : Patricio Mena (20min)
14) Sub-mm Technology : R. Dunner (20min)


Hiroshi Toshiyoshi Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, UTokyo
Kentaro Motohara Associate Professor, School of Science, UTokyo
Naoto Kobayashi Associate Professor, School of Science, UTokyo
Takashi Miyata Associate Professor, School of Science, UTokyo
Hirofumi Noda Research Fellow, School of Science, UTokyo
Yuji Ikeda President, Photocoding Inc. / Research Fellow, Kyoto Sangyo University
Leopoldo Infante Professor, U.Católica
Leonardo Vanzi Associate Professor, U.Católica
Shintaro Koshida Research Fellow, U.Católica
Andrés Guesalaga Professor, U.Católica
Rolando Dunner Assistant Professor, U.Católica
Patricio Mena Assistant Professor, Universidad de Chile