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Big Data for Designing the Future

8 November, 2013
Universidad de Chile

Event Information


November 8 (Fri.) 9:00-13:00


Room 14S, Main Building, School of Engineering and Science, Universidad de Chile



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The value of "data" is being recognized for realizing smart social infrastructure. OECD is also discussing the value of data as a new source of growth. Big Data and M2M (Machine-to-machine) will be key in designing the future.

Although Internet and wireless technology have had an enormous impact on society, information and communication technology did not end with broadband infrastructure. The most important impact of the technology should be to solve many issues inherent in environment, city, water management, agriculture, resource management, health care, etc, and to revolutionalize our industrial, economic, and social structure.

In this symposium, researchers both from Japan and Chile will discuss the impact of utilizing massive data in our society, and the prospects of Big Data and M2M technologies for realizing a data-driven economy.


08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-10:40 Technology Innovation at the frontier of HPC: Eduardo VERA (UChile)
Big data and M2M: A Glimpse of Where We Are Going: Hiroyuki Morikawa (UTokyo)
Big Semantic Data: Marcelo ARENAS (PUC)
Trend and Possibility of Big Data Use in Japan: Shuichi Inada (UTokyo)
Big Data and Brain Informatics for Web Intelligence: Juan VELASQUEZ (UChile)
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-13:00 Big Data Analysis from Social Media: Yutaka Matsuo (UTokyo)
Models for Social Machines: Claudio GUTIERREZ (UChile)
Future of Real World Sensing with Device Innovation and Big-data Processing: Atsushi Murase (NTT)
Big Data in BioMedicine: Steffen HARTEL (UChile)
Future Lifestyle with the Car, using Big Data: Masato Hashimoto (Toyota ITC)
Time Series Analysis in Astronomy: Pablo ESTEVEZ (UChile)


Hiroyuki Morikawa Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, UTokyo
Shuichi Inada Project Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, UTokyo
Yutaka Matsuo Associate Professor, School of Engineering
Atsushi Murase Director, NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group
Masato Hashimoto President, Toyota Info-Technology Center
Eduardo Vera Adjunct Professor and Director, NLHPC, CMM, UChile
Juan Velásquez Associate Professor, UChile
Claudio Gutiérrez Associate Professor, UChile
Steffen Härtel Associate Professor, UChile
Pablo Estévez Full Professor, UChile
Marcelo Arenas Associate Professor, U.Católica