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Biomedical and Mechatronics Engineering

12 November, 2013



2013年11月12日(火) 13:30-16:00


サンパウロ大学 Room MZ-02, Mechanical Engineering Building, Department of Mechatronics Engineering



お問い合わせ / お申込み方法

Prof. Dr. Celso Massatoshi Furukawa cmfuruka@usp.br


This seminar will foster the exchange of information and experiences on medical, biological and mechatronics engineering (such as biorobotics) among Brazilian and Japanese researchers, setting the basis for future cooperation on the development of research projects and human resources.


Speakers will briefly introduce their research (approx. 5 min). Then, discussion will be opened.

Adriano Almeida Gonçalves Siqueira Rehabilitation and control of robotic systems
Arturo Forner-Cordero Biomechatronics, Motor Control and Rehabilitation
Celso Massatoshi Furukawa Open-source mechatronic systems
Chi Nan Pai Artificial heart & applications of ultrasound in medicine
Glauco Augusto de Paula Caurin Biorobotics
Jose Carlos Teixeira de Barros Moraes Biomedical engineering
Marcos Ribeiro Pereira Barretto Sociable robots
Marcos Salles Guerra Tsuzuki Artificial heart
Oswaldo Horikawa Artificial heart, non-conducttive exoskeleton
Sérgio Shiguemi Furuie Medical images, tomography, ultrasonography
Horacio Cabral Nanomedicine for cancer diagnosis and treatment
Mamoru Mitsuishi Surgical System based on Manufacturing System
Ichiro Sakuma Realization of advanced Medicine through Fusion of Engineering and Bioscience
Shu Takagi Fluid engineering


光石 衛 工学系研究科 教授
佐久間 一郎 工学系研究科 教授
オラシオ カブラル 工学系研究科 講師
高木 周 工学系研究科 教授
Adriano Almeida Gonçalves Siqueira Associate Professor
Arturo Forner-Cordero Associate Professor
Celso Massatoshi Furukawa Assistant Professor
Chi Nan Pai Assistant Professor
Glauco Augusto de Paula Caurin Associate Professor
Jose Carlos Teixeira de Barros Moraes Professor
Marcos Ribeiro Pereira Barretto Assistant Professor
Marcos Salles Guerra Tsuzuki Associate Professor
Oswaldo Horikawa Associate Professor
Sérgio Shiguemi Furuie Professor