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November, 2013
チリ大学 天文学教室(セロ・カラン)

Event Information


2013年11月8日(金) 9:30 - 17:00


チリ大学 天文学教室(セロ・カラン)




事前申込不要(問い合わせ先: 河野孝太郎 kkohno@ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp)


With partial operation beginning at the joint North American-European-East Asian project ALMA being constructed in the Atacama region in Northern Chile, it is believed that a large progress will be made in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics. Also on virtually the same site as ALMA, the 1m infrared telescope of the University of Tokyo has started operation as part of the preparation for a 6.5m telescope in the future. A large number of high performance telescopes are concentrated in Chile and with 10% of the total-use time being available to Chilean astronomers, Chile is one of the leading countries in observational astronomy. We hope that this forum will lead to an advance in exchange and furhter progress in a wide range of research fields.


09:30 Opening remarks: Kotaro Kohno (Univ. of Tokyo)
09:35 ALMA status and early science results: Ryohei Kawabe (Joint ALMA Observatory/Univ. of Tokyo)
09:55 Protoplanetary disks (TBD): Simon Casassus (Universidad de Chile)
10:15 Exoplanets (TBD): Andres Jordan (Universidad Catolica de Chile)
10:35 Exoplanets from SEEDS project (TBD): Jun Hashimoto (University of Oklahoma)
11:00 (break)
11:20 Star-formation study with ALMA (TBD): Diego Mardones (Universidad de Chile)
11:45 Telescope Array for high energy particle study (TBD): Hiroyuki Sagawa (Univ. of Tokyo)
12:10 High energy particle acceleration in accretion disk (TBD): Masahiro Hoshino (Univ. of Tokyo)
12:35 (break)
14:30 Structure growth rate from redshift space distortion (TBD): Tomonori Totani (Univ. of Tokyo)
14:55 Galaxy formation study with ALMA (TBD): Paula Aguirre (Universidad Andres Bello)
15:15 Fundamental physical constant measurement using ALMA (TBD): Junichi Yokoyama (Univ. of Tokyo)
15:40 MAGNUM project (TBD): Yuzuru Yoshii (Univ. of Tokyo)


吉井 譲 The University of Tokyo, Professor
星野 真弘 The University of Tokyo, Professor
横山 順一 The University of Tokyo, Professor
戸谷 友則 The University of Tokyo, Professor
佐川 宏行 The University of Tokyo, Associate Professor
川辺 良平 Joint ALMA Observatory/The University of Tokyo, Professor
橋本 淳 University of Oklahoma, Postdoc 
Diego Mardones Universidad de Chile, Associate Professor
Simon Casassus Universidad de Chile, Lecturer
Andres Jordan Universidad Catolica de Chile, Associate Professor
Paula Aguirre Universidad Andres Bello, Professor
河野 孝太郎 The University of Tokyo, Professor